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In Micras since 2004, founder of Natopia

Nathan is the founder and current emperor of Natopia. He started Natopia with friends in 2002 and was involved in the secessionist side of the hobby until 2004/5 when he slowly began to adopt his IRL persona into the character Nathan Waffel-Paine. Now he has many characters...

Characters Played by Nathan

NOTE: Bold names are alive/active and italicized names are dead or so inactive they are probably dead. This list is only of characters that had their own forum accounts.

  • Nathan Waffel-Paine of Natopia, aka Nathan Dariolin (Elwynn) / Theodores Athanatos (Athlon) / Sighard Gafolgyld (Stormark, of Natopia
  • Naian Moonoak of Natopia
  • Kizzy Drakland of Goëtia
  • Luix Rakira aka Ludwig Drakire aka Kaiser Sehml of Shireroth
  • Neoptolemus/Paidon of Athlon aka Jadid Zhayaden of Babkha
  • Christophos Eucalyptos of Natopia
  • Stefan Dore. A man living in St. Andre
  • Kyle Kilynn. Son of Kizzy and Luix. Lived in Neridia, Shireroth, Natopia.
  • Sergius Hergones / aka Sjurd hergonstad. Was Metrobosarch of Lyrica in Stormark.
  • Asara Sisu Dhury of Waffel-Paine. Naian's daughter.
  • Gustaf der Haas. Lived in Alexandria.
  • Ephrion. An elf living in Elwynn. Status unknown.
  • Temur Checheg. Briefly associated with the Golden Horde.
  • Nathan II Waffel-Paine
  • Clara Waffel-Paine
  • Tinker Sprocket of Natopia and Shireroth, shared with Ric
  • Aldin Ayreon-Kalirion of Shireroth
  • Marco Lungo of St Andre
  • Alfred Priestly aka Goetic Priest of Goetia

Current Citizenships