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Drafting of treaties.

Treaty of Mutual Defence between the Raspur Pact and the Democratic Federation of Sanama

Article One

The Permanent Commission of the Raspur Pact, representing in good faith the sovereign member states of the alliance, affirms that the Pact disdains any and all territorial ambitions concerning the Democratic Federation of Sanama, nor does the Pact harbour any intent towards altering the political status of Sanama.

Article Two

The Democratic Federation of Sanama, cognisant of the part played by the Raspur Pact in stabilising the Benacian continent during the events subsequent to the tragic demise of Kaiser Ayreon IV, affirms that it disdains all territorial ambitions towards the Benacian territories occupied or claimed by members of the Raspur Pact, nor does Sanama harbour any intent towards altering the political status of members of the Raspur Pact.

Article Three

The parties to this agreement commit to resolve any dispute amongst themselves via peaceful means, through dialogue and mediation. To this end, Sanama is invited to appoint a non-voting High Representative to attend upon the deliberations of the Permanent Commission in Lindstrom, Natopia.

Article Four

The Raspur Pact commits to uphold the territorial integrity and security of Sanama and shall provide such assistance as the Government of Sanama may request and require in the event of coming under attack, or the threat of attack, by a third party.

Article Five

Sanama agrees that in the event of an attack, or the threat of an attack, upon the territories of a Benacian member of the Raspur Pact by a third party, it shall open its ports and airspace to the Raspur Pact for the duration of declared hostilities, and shall assemble a force from the Sanaman Federal Armed Forces to support the defence of the imperilled territories, again for the duration of declared hostilities.

Article Six

Nothing in this treaty shall be construed to mean that Sanama applies for or is granted membership in the Raspur Pact.

Article Seven

Sanama shall deploy a unit of staff in Benacia Command as liaison with the military chain of command of the Raspur Pact in Benacia.

Article Eight

This treaty shall come into effect upon the ratification of the parties. This treaty may be terminated by either party and shall then cease to have effect after one AN year.

Treaty regarding Freedom of Movement between the Raspur Pact and the Democratic Federation of Sanama

Article One

The citizens of the members of the Raspur Pact and the citizens of Sanama shall enjoy the following rights within the territory of the other parties:
A. To enter, depart and return, without undue restrictions, for a period of 90 days.
B. To reside, on the condition that the person can provide for themself and any person under their care.
C. To accept and maintain employment.
A treaty party may restrict the freedom of movement to protect public security, national security or public health. A general restriction is not permitted.

Article Two

A citizen of the Raspur Pact or of Sanama that has resided for at least five years in another treaty party, shall gain the right to permanent residency.

Article Three

The treaty parties shall eliminate all customs barriers between them and shall coordinate their customs policy towards other countries. No duty or charge may be levied on goods crossing the borders between the treaty parties, nor shall any taxation be imposed that is in excess of that imposed on similar domestic products.

Article Four

Article Three shall not be construed as a right for foreign companies to establish in Sanama without the proper authorisations and licenses, nor for Sanaman companies in any Raspur Pact member without the same. Sanama retains the right to limit or prohibit the establishment of foreign companies or businesses. Any Raspur Pact member subjected to any such restriction is free to restrict access to Sanaman companies or businesses up to the same degree.