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Welcome to the Republic of Mercury!

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The flag of Mercury.

The Republic of Mercury is a micronation situated in north-eastern Keltia. It is comprised of six mainland states, Deacon, May, Mercury, Moorshire, Taylor and Tow Law. Mercury additionally claims Nova English Korea, just off the east coast of May, Castilona, the Franklin Islands, Lusa, Osktrava and Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq. Mercury jointly administers New Sussex with Nova England.

Mercury is governed by a President, currently Nick Perry. The President is typically the leader of the largest party in the Mercurian Parliament, which is the National Party following the 2019 general election. The President is responsible for choosing the members of the Cabinet of Mercury, who carry out the day-to-day running of various governmental departments.

Mercury's culture revolves heavily around sports, with ice hockey being the recognised national sport, and football being the most popular sport. Mercury's ólbescból team participates in the annual All-Craitland Championship.

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The national dish of Mercury.