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In Micras since 2002, founder of Alexandria Alexandria † , San Martin †, Caputia Caputia
Current Projects: Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie (2020 - ), Ransenar Ransenar (2019 - ).
- - - - - - - - -
Alduria Alduria (2019 - ), Wechua Wechua (2018 - )
Micronationalist in the Washington, DC area.
Stepdad to CAT emoji icon png.png Khaleesi, Dad to CAT emoji icon png.png Napoleon

Central Committee of Edgards

1 Ended during the Red Year of 2018.

The Central Committee of Edgards
Character Name Avatar Nation Status Notes Links
Emperor Edgard II Alexandria Alexandria Inactive 1
Francis Joseph IV Alexandria Alexandria, Natopia Natopia Active
Joseph Underwood Antica Antica, Sylvania Inactive
Benjamin Meir Natopia Natopia, St. Andre St. Andre, Haifa Haifa, Hamland Hamland Inactive 1
Leon Gambetta Tellia Tellia, Ashkenatza Ashkenatza, Alexandria Alexandria, Arasha Arasha Inactive
Ernesto de la Cruz Natopia Natopia Active
George Blakeslee

Allen Greenstreet
Carrie Fitzwater
Adriana Arthur

Caputia Caputia, Wechua Wechua Inactive 1
Ragnar Brunnketilsson Stormark Stormark Inactive
Janus Eadric Natopia Natopia, Shireroth Shireroth, St. Andre St. Andre Active
Audun Joel Shireroth Shireroth, Stormark Stormark Inactive
Hartmut Aldric Shireroth Shireroth Inactive 1
Ruadh Aldric

Sean O'Callaghan

Ransenar Ransenar, Shireroth Shireroth Active
Manco Capac

Vicaquirao Alvarez

Wechua Wechua, Caputia Caputia Active
Elizabeth I Caputia Caputia, Natopia Natopia Active
Maximinus Kerularios Constancia Constancia, Alduria Alduria, Ransenar Ransenar Active
Jose Rodriguez Los Liberados Los Liberados Inactive 1
Helena Strand Elwynn Elwynn Inactive


Founded Nations

(In order of foundation date)

† - Closed or dissolved.

Current Citizenships

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