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Craitman H. Pellegrino is the founder and current King of Cräiteland. He holds other micronational titles, and has won awards, but all that can be found on his actual article...

Ólbescból squad testing

Example ÓC
Nickname(s) The Examplers
Province Examplia Examplia
Head coach Exempli Gratiasen
Captain Id Estsen
Home stadium Example Field

Note: Flags indicate national team, with secondary flags indicating provincial representation for Craitish-born players.

No. Nat. Prv. Player
12 Craitland Cherry Trees Mikel Petersen
16 Craitland Klevets-ó-Sdaa Lydveldt Hjansen-Pellegrino
90 Incontinentia Yuri Dobre'ev


Colon Interlandian roughing diacritic
◌: ◌꞉

Xang Muang

Team flag test

Micras Games participation

Morrissexual Cup

Season Winners Score Runners-up Score
2011–12 Benland All Stars 1,965 Pez Saint-Germain 1,524
2012–13 Benland All Stars 2,018 Pez Saint-Germain 1,907
2013–14 Benland All Stars 2,197 Pez Saint-Germain 1,770
2014–15 Benland All Stars 1,896 Pez Saint-Germain 1,738
2015–16 Pez Saint-Germain 2,048 Benland All Stars 1,977
2016–17 Pez Saint-Germain 1,938 Benland All Stars 1,662
2017–18 Pez Saint-Germain 2,059 Benland All Stars 1,982
2018–19 Benland All Stars 2,081 Pez Saint-Germain 2,038