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The Uppheaval occurred in 1663, when several Natopian demesnes, under the control of Thorstein Noah, entered into a state of inactivity as defined in the Caprine Code. The Imperial Chancellery duly initiated protective actions to keep the demesnes from falling into further anarchy. Sudden and unexpected political revolutions took place simultaneously in Uppland and Opaeghia. Uppland was entirely overturned and replaced by the demesne of Massat, while Opaeghia threw off its Vanic culture and its heretofore repressed Christian population took power. The political revolutions in the demesnes were, to the surprise of some, supported by the Emperor, who granted Assent to the new governments of Massat and Opaeghia, effectively removing the House of Ettlingar-Freyu from power and dissolving the Palatine Kingdom of Uppland.

The government of the Palatine Kingdom sued for restoration of its power in Natopia's Supreme Court, but the case has not progressed, being overtaken in any event by revisions to the Caprine Code.


Expulsion of Noah Ettlingar-Freyu from the House of Waffel-Paine

Removal of Flaventian titles from Noah and Harald

Reformation of Natopia's supreme court and restoration of judicial powers to the Emperor

The Dozan Bovic Church's repudiation of the Concordat of Old Henningsvær in 1665.


1651: Auspicious Occasion

1657: Bovic disapproval of Upplandish prima noctis laws

1660: Frenzy repudiates and removes Concordat of Þårvik from the Caprine Code, ending the relationship between the Natopian state and the church of the Storish Ancient Ways.