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Political parties in Sanama

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Sanama has a vibrant political life with several parties, both represented in the Federal Assembly, on the local level and active outside the elected bodies. Following the 1678 Sanaman coup d'état, all parties except for the Party for National Reconstruction were technically banned. After the restoration of democracy in 1679, the ban on parties was lifted and the Party for National Reconstruction was banned instead. However, the party had no members left after the remnants of the dictatorship had left and disavowed Hiedler.

Party for National Reconstruction

Following the 1678 coup d'état, the Party for National Reconstruction is the only legal party in Sanama. It is headed by Chairman and de-facto president Adalwolf Hiedler. Its economic policies are described as liberal, business-friendly and open to international investment, its social policies are considered moderate, while its stance on civil rights and national security is considered repressive and authoritarian. The party is described as far right and populist. After the fall of the military junta in IV.1679, the new civilian interim government banned the Party for National Reconstruction.

Sanaman Liberation Front

The Sanaman Liberation Front is the plurality party in the Federal Assembly of Sanama. As the successor of the Sanilla and Amarra Liberation Army for Democracy, it enjoys strong support, especially in areas dominated by the Ama and Sani peoples. Its positions are described as socialism, communalism and democratic confederalism. It is liberal and progressive on social issues, while being protectionist and statist on economic issues. The party is classified as left-wing to far left.

Coalition 1660

Main article: Coalition 1660

The Coalition 1660 is the Sanaman branch of the wider Coalition 1660 party. The party is described as socialist and social democratic. As the wider party, it is presently aligned with the Micras Socialist International, supportive of the national-liberation struggle in Sanama and Highpass, opposed to the military dictatorship in the Unified Governorates and the Natopianisation of Drak-Modan. Its economic policies are described as social democracy, with moderate free trade and economic freedom combined with monetary transfers and government regulation, socially moderate and realistic in matters of national security. It is classed as center-left.

Northern League

The Northern League is a party based primarily in large urban areas and the northeast, catering to the large Istvanistani-speaking minority. Its main tenets are Istvanistani nationalism, conservatism and regional autonomy, that is, an autonomy based on larger units, mainly to be able to gather the Istvanistani-speaking northeast in its own polity. It is economically moderate, promoting free trade with strong protections for certain industries, like the oil industry, socially conservative and hawkish and conservative on issues of national security. The party is classed as center-right to right-wing on the political spectrum.

Sanaman National Party

The Sanaman National Party is described as a liberal-conservative party. On economic issues it strongly supports capitalist policies and economic laissez-fair, it is conservative on social issues, promotes representative democracy over the direct democracy favoured by for example the SLF, and is authoritarian on national security matters. It is generally described as center-right.

Partito Popolare Cisamarrese

The Partito Popolare Cisamarrese is a nationalist Cisamarrese party based primarily in Cisamarra. Its main wing promotes economic liberalism, democratic federalism and Cisamarrese nationalism. It is moderate on social issues and realistic on matters of national security. It could most easily be described as a big tent party, since it has both a rightist and a leftist wing.

Yardistani List

The Yardistani List is not technically a party but a common electoral list for Yardistani candidates. The candidates cover ideologies from center-left to center-right.

Rally for a Sanaman Monarchy

The Rally for a Sanaman Monarchy is a political party that entered the National Council in the 1676 elections. It promotes the establishment of a Sanaman monarchy as a unifying force for the ethnically diverse nation and to promote national unity. It is economically and socially conservative and hawkish on national security issues. The party is generally classified as center-right.

United Nationalist Alliance

The United Nationalist Alliance was formed in 1678 as a new liberal force in Sanaman politics. Its first chairperson is Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici, daughter of the late president of the Federal Council Semisa Nakita Nur Pinito Caprici. Its positions are described as liberal, with a business-friendly and free trade positive economic policy, liberal and progressive social policies, and a realistic view on national security. It is described as center to center-right on the political spectrum.

Movement of National Understanding

The Movement of National Understanding was represented by a small delegation in both the 1673–1676 and 1677–1680 National Council. Its positions are nationalist conservatism, pacifism and isolationism. It is isolationist in economic policy, promoting self-sufficiency and protectionism, conservative in social issues and pacifist in national security matters. It is classified as right-wing.

Party of Workers and Labourers

The Party of Workers and Labourers is a communist party in Sanama. It promotes communist economic policy with so-called democratic centralism, opposing federalism, it is moderate to liberal on social issues and generally realistic and somewhat hawkish on national security issues. It is classified as far left.

Communist Party of Sanama

The Communist Party of Sanama is a communist party in Sanama. It promotes Trotskyism and centralism and differs little from the PWL, from which it split after a leadership struggle. It is classed as far left.

Nationalist & Humanist Party

The Nationalist & Humanist Party, just as its wider international party, promotes ascensionism, conservatism, corporatism and Khanism. Popular among the small Babkhi minority. Its basic tenets are human supremacy, the coordinated state, the harmonious society and human transcendence. It is socially conservative and generally described as center-right.

Green Alliance

The Green Alliance is a green party in Sanama. It promotes green politics and agrarianism. It is moderate on economic issues, promoting the environment over economical growth, liberal and progressive on social issues and pacifist in international relations and matters of national security. It supports federalism. It is generally classified as center to center-left.