United Benacian Republic

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United Benacian Republic of Chryse and Lower Batavia
Verenigde Benacische Republiek van Chryse en Neder-Batavië
Flag of United Benacian Republic
85px|Coat of Arms of United Benacian Republic|frameless
Coat of Arms
Motto: TBA
Anthem: TBA
250px|Location of United Benacian Republic|frameless
Map versions TBA
Capital Chryse
Largest city Kasterburg, Feldkirche, Bataheim
Official language(s) Istvanistani (official); Batavian (official in Lower Batavia); Martino and Elw (minority languages with protective status)
Official religion(s) Secular government
Demonym United Benacian(s); Verionist Benacian(s)
 - Adjective United Benacian; Verionist Benacian
Government Federal republic
 - Lord Protector (temporary title) Isor Verion
 - Legislature Constitutional Conference
Establishment 1685 AN
Active Population 7,200,200 (estimated)
Currency Crisis credit
Abbreviation UBR
Driving side
Time zone(s) CMT-3 (Lower Batavia)
CMT-7 (Chryse)
National website
National forum
National animal
National food Deep-fried potatoes
National drink Brandywine
National tree

The United Benacian Republic of Chryse and Lower Batavia (Batavian: Verenigde Benacische Republiek van Chryse en Neder-Batavië; Martino: República Unida Benaciana de Criste y Baja Batavia), also known as the United Benacian Republic or Verionian Benacia was a declared republic in Benacia from 4.IV.1685 to 21.13.1685, and before this period, it was an autonomous republic of Gran Verionia.

It was formed in 1685 as a merger of the Free City of Chryste and the Kasterburg Republic, both regions within Gran Verionia with significant levels of autonomy. The merger was first proposed during the Benacia tour of 1684, and was motivated both by the wish of the government of Gran Verionia to centralise the governance of the overseas regions, as well as by the ambitions of Chryse's governor Isor Verion.

After the collapse of Gran Verionia in 1684, Isor Verion, lord protector, declared the republic sovereign and free on 4.IV.1685. The United Benacian Republic was shortlived, struggling with organizing its government across the continent. Only a few months later, after Isor Verion attempted to have Lower Batavia join the Unified Governorates in exchange for the hand of Ayesha al-Osman, Reginald de Montford, Magistrate of Lower Batavia, declared Lower Batavia free from the United Benacian Republic. The United Benacian Republic was accordingly dissolved. Isor Verion, outraged, commanded the Free Batavian Navy to head for Klymdown, hoping that would be a dowry big enough for the sweet embrace of Ayesha.