Union of Krasnocorian Stock Companies

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Union of Krasnocorian Stock Companies
Founded 37.96 PSSC
Headquarters Slavograd, Krasnocoria
Products Brokerage

Headquartered in the city of Slavograd, the Union of Krasnocorian Stock Companies (formerly Port of Slavonje) is a brokerage which represents Krasnocoria in the Port of Vines.

Company Descriptions

Company Flag Company Name Company Description Company Type Notes
Antic Tire Corporation Antic Tire Corporation TBA Tire manufacturing
Avio Fabrika Micograd Avio Fabrika Micograd TBA Aircraft manufacturing
Brudugred Lezije Brudugred Lezije TBA Watercraft manufacturing
Copper Mine Akyar Copper Mine Akyar TBA Mining
Divljina Divljina TBA Luxury food and drinks
Fabrika Vozila Ravna Fabrika Vozila Ravna TBA Vehicle manufacturing
Gopnikas Gopnikas TBA Sports equipment, clothes
Herrin Sea Machinery Herrin Sea Machinery TBA Machinery
Koldagas Koldagas TBA Petroleum, Natural gas, Petrochemicals
Petrohemija Kunstentinupel Petrohemija Kunstentinupel TBA Petrochemicals, Chemicals
Savić Automotive Manufacturer Savić Automotive Manufacturer TBA Vehicle manufacturing
Slavograd Arms Factory Slavograd Arms Factory TBA Firearms, Artillery
Stefanus Stefanus TBA Tobacco
Yurish Arms Yurish Arms TBA Firearms

1 Companies aren't yet active in the brokerage.

Product List

Company Product Standard Price
Prices High Prices Normal Prices Low Prices Unchanging
Antic Tire Corporation Tires 20/Share 24/Share
Avio Fabrika Micograd TBA TBA/Share X
Brudugred Lezije TBA TBA/Share X
Copper Mine Akyar Copper 3.5Tons/Share 4.2/Share
Copper Wire 1.5Tons/Share 1.8/Share
Divljina TBA TBA/Share X
Fabrika Vozila Ravna TBA TBA/Share X
Gopnikas Football 20/Share 24/Share
Football kit 12/Share 13/Share
Basketball 25/Share 30/Share
Basketball kit 20/Share 24/Share
Tracksuit 16/Share 20/Share
T-Shirt 100/Share 120/Share
Shorts 100/Share 120/Share
Socks 200 pairs/Share 240/Share
Cap 142/Share 171/Share
Gloves 30 Pair/Share 40/Share
Herrin Sea Machinery Machine Parts (Automotive) .3Units/Share .36/Share
Machine Parts (Military) .3Units/Share .36/Share
Machine Parts (General) .3Units/Share .36/Share
Koldagas Petroleum 5barrels/Share 6/Share
Natural Gas 7.5mmbtu/Share 9/Share
Petrohemija Kunstentinupel Petrochemicals 6Units/Share 7.2/Share
Savić Automotive Manufacturer Seafarer (Compact Car) 1/3.5 Shares X
Apollonian (Sedan) 1/5 Shares X
Journeyman (SUV) 1/7.5 Shares X
Homebringer (Mini-Van) 1/12 Shares X
Dunestead (Pick-up Truck) 1/16 Shares X
Lander 550 (Bus) 1/24 Shares X
Slavograd Arms Factory 152mm Howitzer 1/50 Shares X
Stefanus Dried Tobacco Leaf 10Tons/Share 12/Share
Cigars 2.5Packs/Share 3/Share
Cigarilos 3.5Packs/Share 4.2/Share
Cigarettes 7.5Packs/Share 9/Share
Rolling Paper 50Sheets/Share 60/Share
Yurish Arms Yurish KV-1 1.5/Share X
Yurish KV-2 1.5/Share X
Yurish KV-3 .65/Share X
Yurish KA .25/Share X
Yurish KAS .15/Share X

List of Investors

Investor Name Shares Owned Percentage of Shares Owned
Council of Courts 25,000 5.1%
New Zimian War League 35,000 7.14%
New Zimian Merchant Marines 20,000 4.08%
Jingdao 50,000 10.2%

Recent Employment Reports

Year Number of People Employed Total Paid in Wages Average Wages/Person Total Value of Company Production Modifier
39.60 PSSC/1673 AN (May, 2019) 87,727 9,846 Credits .11 Credits 910,000 Credits Epidemic (-10%)
39.40 PSSC/1672 AN (April, 2019) 88,216 9,901 Credits .11 Credits 910,000 Credits Heatwave (-10%)
39.20 PSSC (March, 2019) 90,892 10,201 Credits .11 Credits 910,000 Credits None (100%)
39.00 PSSC (February, 2019) 65,766 4,452 Credits .07 Credits 560,000 Credits Floods (-10%)
38.80 PSSC (January, 2019) 19,483 1,922 Credits .1 Credits 160,000 Credits N/A
38.60 PSSC (December, 2018) 19,964 1,969 Francmark .1 Francmark 160,000 Francmark N/A
38.40 PSSC (October, 2018) 1,789,142 80,000 Francmark .05 Francmark 160,000 Francmark N/A
38.20 PSSC (September, 2018) 1,789,142 80,000 Francmark .05 Francmark 160,000 Francmark Surplus (+30%)
38.00 PSSC (August, 2018) 1,789,142 80,000 Francmark .04 Francmark 160,000 Francmark Rebellion (-20%)