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Union of Elwynn, Amomolia, and Hurmu

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Union of Elwynn, Amokolia, and Hurmu
Alondor Ellion, Amokôliar o Erimôon
Joijnie d'l'Elwyjn, l'Amokolië ünd l'Eermiuj
b-Uktalo w-Elwin, w-Amokolya la b'-u-Hurmu
Official language English, Elwynnese, Amokolian, Hurmudanic
Capital Eliria (legislative), Anun (judicial), Hyenkula (executive)
Largest cities Caligae, Glenfiddich, Petersburg, Rikstadt, East Mishalan Muse, Jeanezville, Ghawlama
Website EAH site
Forum UAH Forum
Number of citizens 12
Number of active citizens 6
Date founded 5th August 2010
Government Presidential Republic
Current leader Nathan Waffel-Paine
Currency Florin
National animal unknown
National fruit/food unknown
National drink unknown
Map versions 14.3.2 - present

The Union of Elwynn, Amomolia, and Hurmu (also known as the Union State, EAH, or simply Elwynn) was a micronation with holdings in north central Benacia, the island of Leng, north west and east central Apollonia, and northern Lyrica. It shared borders with Shireroth, Ashkenatza, Frazenland, Storej, Stormark, and Gralus.

The Union State was a unitary state composed of three constituent states and one territory that all retained the right to secede from the Union and were guaranteed representation in the Union Senate. The Prince is the elected head of state and government for a three month term. The President of the Senate leads the legislative branch while the President of the Supreme Court leads the judicial branch. It declared independence from the Imperial Republic of Shireroth on 5 August, 2010 and remained independent until reunification 1,000 days later.

The Union State was a member of the Micras Treaty Organization and the Standardized Currency and Unified Economy Treaty.


From 2001 to 2010, the region of Elwynn was a Duchy of Shireroth. During a general rise in anti-Shirerithian sentiment that saw several riots and revolts in the country (one of which was the Laqi Secession with which the Elwynnese had diplomatic contact), a group of Elwynnese citizens led by Daniel Kalirion voted to declare independence. A treaty with the Shirerithian government gave the new country most of the former Duchy of Elwynn, but kept about a third of the land (including the far south, the northern isles including Raikoth, and the counties of Illumination and Wintergleam) under Shirerithian control. This resulted in Elwynn's first appearance on the MCS map as an independent state in November 2010.

We shall note that, contrary to popular fiction, a great many nations and realms have passed through the Imperial Republic without being permanently trapped within it. Antica, Arminy, Cranda, and many more besides. History records, and we note, that nations enjoy the right to self-determination within any polity.

None shall dare contest that the peoples of Elwynn have never been slaves to the heirs of Raynor. The peoples of Elwynn have always enjoyed their state of being a nation and of having a country between the mighty rivers that they could call their own. It has always been the case that Shirekeep has only ever enjoyed the acquiescence of the peoples of Elwynn, whether Elw, Elfinshi or Babkhi, to the rule of Kaisers for so long as it was deemed to be in the interest of the prosperity and harmony of all. Following the culmination of long standing trends which have been part of a greater design to eradicate the Elwynnese nationhood, its characteristics and its institutions of government, it can no longer be justly claimed that the rule of Kaisers benefits people of Elwynn and is no longer relevant for the Elwynnese people, nation and lands. We remember the Antya inspired crusade against our peoples. We remember the refusal of the Imperial Government to concede to Elwynn its rightful dominion over those parts of Goldshire to which we were entitled, we remember the subjugation to parts of the realm that were not rightly of the Elw. We shall not forget and we shall not forgive.

Moreover we note the dire repression suffered by the Laqi to the south. The savage denial of the natural right to self determination by our oppressive feudal lords calls our hearts towards the cause of freedom. In this we shall not be denied for it is both our birthright and our inheritance. Who are these tired old lords who have vested so much emotional capital in such a foolhardy venture that they can not abide it when somebody says contrary to their wishes. Instead of playing the game for the enjoyment of all they can only think to deny and repress; and in so doing they doom us to repeat the same cycle over and over again. This we can no longer abide.

As such, we declare that the Elw, Elfinshi and Babkhi peoples of the land between the rivers up to the northern reaches of Farewell, from Civitas Nova in the west to Wintergleam in the east, be part of a free Elwynnese state, to be sovereign, free, and independent.

—Daniel Kalirion, 5th August 2010, Declaration of Independence, Elwynn Ríqi Adurellion

Immediately after Elwynn's independence, former Elwynnese partisan Ardashir Khan deleted the new nation's forum for reasons that remain unclear, nearly derailing the entire project. Although a new forum was later set up, the loss of Ardashir was a devastating blow to the new country. A trial of the Khan being conducted by Malliki Tosha has yet to reach a verdict.

Elwynn received some negative publicity in early January 2011 when it was involved in a deal to take over Holzer land from Natopia; the Kaiser of Holzborg accused both countries of trying to steal his land, and the deal was called off.

Elwynn and Hurmu soon merged into the Realm of Elwynn-Hurmu. Elwynn-Hurmu quickly found itself on the international stage when it championed the right of Amokolia to secede from Victoria. Although a bitter struggle, Amokolia soon joined Elwynn-Hurmu and the modern form of the Union State began to take shape.

In May of 2012, the Union State gained its first territory: Tirlar. Formerly known as Imperium Incognita, it now occupies land on northwestern Appollonia.


Elwynn seems to contain some Treesian cultural elements, including use of the Treesian calendar and use of the Book of the Orchids as a holy text, but cultural development stalled with the loss of Ardashir Khan and of those Elwynnese who decided to stay in Shireroth. Elwynn additionally contains cultural elements from Babkha and Natopia among many other ancient peoples.

The Union State is composed of many different cultures. Just as the former duchy of Elwynn housed many different peoples, so does the Union. Elwynnese, Amokolians, Hurmudans, and Tirlarians, represent the entire spectrum of cultural interaction.


The Union State is comprised of three constituent states, joined together by a series of treaties, and ruled commonly by the Convention between Elwynn, Amokolia, and Hurmu on the Government of their Union. The three constituent states are the Elwynn Free State, the Amokolian Republic, and the Hurmu Republik. Each state retains the right to secede from the Union without disrupting the continuation of the Union. The Union at once federal and unitary in this respect. However, the states themselves have little control over affairs of the Union government but do maintain local autonomy over most matters not reserved by the Union Government. Each state is guaranteed representation in the Union's Senate.

The Union Government is divided into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. These branches are also divided geographically.

The legislative branch is located in Eliria, Elwynn. The Senate of the Union meets here to pass laws and treaties that affect the entire Union State. It is headed by the President of the Senate. According to the traditions of Hurmu and the democratic ideals of Elwynn, Senators represent the highest standard of civil service and embody the spirit of the Union.

The executive branch is located in Huyenkula, Hurmu. It is headed by the Prince of the Union. The Prince is an elected official, serving as the head of state and unifying figure for the disparate states of the Union. Executive duties are carried out by the Prince and his Ministers, known collectively as the Roth Zera.

The judicial branch is located in Anun, Amokolia. The President of the Supreme Court interprets the constitutionality of laws as well as serving as a court of last appeal for criminal and civil cases.


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