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Party logo
Leader Joseph des Vinandy-Windsor
Founded 1664 AN
Headquarters 's Koningenwaarde
Political ideology Nationalism, monarchism, reactionarism
Political position Right-wing
Colours Orange
Parliamentary seats
25 / 150

The Ultraroyalisten is a political party in Batavia. Their main goals are the defence of the monarchy as a powerful institution (especially in emergencies) with an even stronger aristocracy. It seeks to protect the rights of the landholders, industrialists, Catologian Church and nobility, while limiting the rights of the common man and worker. It doesn't seek the abolishment of the Lagerhuis, but promotes actions which keep the poorer classes from actively participating in the voting and parliamentary process. In the 1668 Lagerhuis elections, it lost its absolute majority, but remained the second largest party with 70 of 150 seats. In the 1672 election it lost almost all its seats, with exception of two (as most Ultraroyalist had not gone to vote as a protest against the government).

Over the next couple of years, the party was reduced to a shadow of its former self.