Uliuli (town)

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The town of Uliuli (Nix) is located to the south of the island of Lucerne.

Nation: Lucerne, Mercury
Population: 932
Predominant language: Lucian, English

Main roads: L1
Major districts: N/A

Current mayor: Vacant
Map versions:


The town was founded in mid-2012 when the dependency of Lucerne was established by Mercury.


Uliuli is the southernmost town on Lucerne.

Mata'aga le Uliuli

The main scientific centre on the island, the Mata'aga le Uliuli (Nix Observatory), observes the southern skies of Micras, and the frequently seen Aurora Australis. The town's small population is often doubled or tripled during times of peak Atosian activity, with many University of Mercury students opting to camp under the stars rather than pay for accommodation in the city of Lusa'aii.