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Uihmanz Lunaris

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A Combined Arms Corps of the Raspur Pact, established by Benacia Command in the year 1677 AN. Primarily formed from units of the Grand Army of Ransenar and the Black Legions. Subordinate to the Eastern Banner Group of Benacia Command. Headquarters at Lune Villa. Objectives include enforcement of quarantine on Guttuli Protectorate and protection of the Lune Road.

Contributions by Nation

List of forces by number of military personnel
Contributing Power Number of Personnel Units Establishment
Ransenar Ransenar 70,846 personnel
  • 1st Regiment of Yeomanry
  • 4th Regiment of Dragoons
  • 1st Regiment of Rifles
  • 2nd Regiment of Rifles
  • 3rd Regiment of Rifles
  • 4th Regiment of Rifles
  • 5th Regiment of Rifles
  • 6th Regiment of Rifles
  • 7th Regiment of Rifles
  • 8th Regiment of Rifles
  • 11th Regiment of Rifles
  • 12th Regiment of Rifles
  • 13th Regiment of Rifles
  • 14th Regiment of Rifles
  • 15th Regiment of Rifles
  • 16th Regiment of Rifles
  • 17th Regiment of Rifles
  • 18th Regiment of Rifles
  • 21st Regiment of Rifles
  • 22nd Regiment of Rifles
  • 23rd Regiment of Rifles
  • 24th Regiment of Rifles
  • 25th Regiment of Rifles
  • 26th Regiment of Rifles
  • 27th Regiment of Rifles
  • 28th Regiment of Rifles
  • 2nd Regiment of Artillery
  • 4th Regiment of Artillery
  • 1st Justiciary Regiment
  • 1st Field Gendarmery Regiment
  • 1st Engineer Regiment
  • 1st Close Support Logistic Regiment
  • 1st Force Support Logistic Regiment
  • 1st Transport Regiment
  • 1st (Catering) Support Regiment
  • 4th (Electrical & Mechanical) Support Regiment
  • 7th (Medical Services) Support Regiment
  • 92nd Air Regiment
  • 234th Air Regiment
  • 609th Air Regiment
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates 47,481 personnel
  • 21,229 Inspectorate Troops
  • 13,248 Aerospace Forces
  • 10,037 Maritime Forces
  • 2,967 Legionaries
  • Hvaszunig Uihmanz
  • Afzælt XII
  • 501 Operational Effect Regiment
  • 502 Operational Effect Regiment
  • 503 Operational Effect Regiment
  • 504 Operational Effect Regiment
  • 601 Air Assault Regiment
  • 602 Air Assault Regiment
  • 603 Air Assault Regiment
  • 604 Air Assault Regiment
  • 2312 Sanitäts Furgsaddâ
  • Munition Trains and Columns
  • Uihmanz Pontoon Train
  • Uihmanz Pioneer Force
Elwynn Elwynn 1,126 volunteers
  • 1st Volunteer Battalion
Corporate 615 ESB personnel
Sovereign Confederation Sovereign Confederation 120 shock-commandos

Order of Battle

  • Uihmanz Lunaris, Commander – Frainan Uihmanz Ermanaric Parsamyan
    • Hvaszunig Uihmanz (Lune Villa)
      • Ransenar 1st Regiment of Yeomanry
      • Ransenar 4th Regiment of Dragoons
      • Ransenar 2nd Regiment of Artillery
      • Ransenar 1st Justiciary Regiment
    • Unified Governorates Streïafzælt Auffendankel (Teldrin), Commander – Afzælthvaszhaldan Franz Auffendankel
      • Unified Governorates Afzælt XII, Commander – Ahmst Bræþstranin Iakṓb Káyin
      • Bitzurænhæd
      • Elwynn 1st Volunteer Battalion
    • Ransenar 1st (GAR) Division (Reserve Sector West, Ankh-Regina Ferry Terminal)
      • Ransenar 1st Battlegroup
        • Ransenar 1st Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 11th Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 21st Regiment of Rifles
      • Ransenar 2nd Battlegroup
        • Ransenar 2nd Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 12th Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 22nd Regiment of Rifles
      • Unified Governorates 601 Air Assault Regiment
    • Ransenar 2nd (GAR) Division (Quarantine Line West)
      • Ransenar 3rd Battlegroup
        • Ransenar 3rd Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 13th Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 23rd Regiment of Rifles
      • Ransenar 4th Battlegroup
        • Ransenar 4th Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 14th Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 24th Regiment of Rifles
      • Unified Governorates 602 Air Assault Regiment
    • Ransenar 3rd (GAR) Division (Quarantine Line East)
      • Ransenar 5th Battlegroup
        • Ransenar 5th Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 15th Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 25th Regiment of Rifles
      • Ransenar 6th Battlegroup
        • Ransenar 6th Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 16th Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 26th Regiment of Rifles
      • Unified Governorates 603 Air Assault Regiment
    • Ransenar 4th (GAR) Division (Reserve Sector East, Belmuliet)
      • Ransenar 7th Battlegroup
        • Ransenar 7th Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 17th Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 27th Regiment of Rifles
      • Ransenar 8th Battlegroup
        • Ransenar 8th Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 18th Regiment of Rifles
        • Ransenar 28th Regiment of Rifles
      • Unified Governorates 604 Air Assault Regiment
    • 5th Tactical Air Division
      • Ransenar Lune Villa Station
        • Ransenar 92nd Air Regiment
        • Ransenar 234th Air Regiment
        • Ransenar 609th Air Regiment
        • Ransenar 4th Regiment of Artillery
        • Ransenar 1st Field Gendarmery Regiment
      • Unified Governorates Ænst Streïkrupp-bi-Łoidi (Lune Villa)
        • Unified Governorates 501 Operational Effect Regiment
        • Unified Governorates 502 Operational Effect Regiment
        • Unified Governorates 503 Operational Effect Regiment
        • Unified Governorates 504 Operational Effect Regiment
    • Shire Sea Flotilla
    • Corps Troops
      • Ransenar 1st Engineer Regiment
      • Ransenar 1st Close Support Logistic Regiment
      • Ransenar 1st Force Support Logistic Regiment
      • Ransenar 1st Transport Regiment
      • Ransenar 1st (Catering) Support Regiment
      • Ransenar 4th (Electrical & Mechanical) Support Regiment
      • Ransenar 7th (Medical Services) Support Regiment