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USSO T87.png
Type: Tank platform
Place of origin: USSO member nations

In service: Expected 1688-1690
Used by: Flag CSSO.png USSO

Designed: 1685-1686

Weight: 27t
Length: 8m
Crew: 1
Engine: BHVI 16L V8/75 750HP/3,500Nm
Main Armament: None
Secondary Armament: None
Effective range: 650-800 km
Speed: 102 km/h
Cost To be determined.

The USSO T87 is a tank platform built by Sokoku Industries in Hantian in cooperation with Baicha Heavy Vehicle Industries and Stormhold Industries. It is basically a USSO T86 without a turret. The idea behind this is that USSO member states can easily create armoured specialised vehicles, such as anti-air installations or command vehicles without high development costs for the base vehicle. Re-using parts in both the T86 and T87 project also makes it easier to achieve scaling benefits.