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USSO T86.png
Type: Main battle tank
Place of origin: USSO member nations

In service: Expected 1688-1690
Used by: Flag CSSO.png USSO

Designed: 1685-1686

Weight: 32t
Length: 8m
Crew: 4
Engine: BHVI 16L V8/75 750HP/3,500Nm
Main Armament: 50mm Glacier City Size 5 'Spitfire'
Secondary Armament: 2x 8mm Sokoku Industries machine gun
Effective range: 650-800 km
Speed: 90 km/h (limited)
Cost To be determined.

The USSO T86 is a project by several USSO member states to be able to mass-produce an affordable main battle tank. The drivetrain and most other parts associated with propulsion are manufactured in Barbary by Baicha Heavy Vehicle Industries, while the tank body is produced by Stormhold Industries in Ralgon, the main cannon is made by Glacier City Industries in Ralgon, final construction takes place in Hantian, Jingdao. A stripped down version of the T86 is sold to USSO countries as the USSO T87 as a base for specialist armoured vehicles.

The machine guns use USSO 8mm cartridges.

Local names

In Jingdao the tank is known as the Jinlang, which can be translated into Istvanistani as Tsunami, as the tank is to be expected to be constructed in such great numbers that it can create a tsunami-like wave that overruns enemy positions.