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Tyrenia Premier League

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Tyrenia Premier League
Countries Tyrenia Tyrenia
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2013
Number of teams 6
Levels on pyramid 1

The Tyrenia Premier League was the top football league in Tyrenia, run by the Tyrenian Sports Association. The league was contested by six teams, with 120 overall games played per season.


The Tyrenia Premier League was founded in 2013 with 6 teams. The first team to register for the new domestic league were the Eastside Vagabondi. Following them were Avante Lucia, FC Greyhound, Maccabi Telavega, Muralia FC, and Helliar Brigantes.

The league was disbanded following the death of the Dominion, but was reëstablished in 2016 following Tyrenia's return to Micras as a Jingdaoese territory before being disbanded again following the dissolution of Tyrenia.


Each team played every other team four times (twice at home and twice away), resulting with each team playing 20 games, and 120 games being played overall during the season. The season ran from May through October, with a break in early August for two weeks.