Tuktuvut Confederation

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Tuktuvut Confederation
Participant in Strait of Haifa Campaign
(War of Lost Brothers)
The Tuktuvut Confederation logo
Active 1656–
Ideology Anti-Haifanism, Indigenous rights
Leaders Sigrid Årud
Headquarters Riddersborg
Area of operations Elijah's Rest, Strait of Haifa, Boreal Keltia

9,350 warriors

37,890 camp-followers
Allies Keltia Command, Natopian Defense Force, ESB Group (Keltia)
Opponents Stripping Path, Hatch Ministry, Norse-Elijaian Intelligence Agency
Battles and wars Jangsong Raid

The Tuktuvut Confederation is a guerrilla force organised and equipped by the Political Directorate of Keltia Command for the purpose of carrying out long-distance raiding operations against Palliscian colonial forces present in the Strait of Haifa and followers of the Stripping Path. Amongst the many duties of the various tribal warbands is the scouting of the paths into occupied Jangsong, the rescuing of abductees and the snatching of tongues from collaborators and settlers.


Unit Type # in Service # Lost
NDF Advisers 8
Blood-Sisters 12
Warriors 9,350
Camp-followers 37,890
Normarker "Hobby" horses 141,780
Reindeer 567,120


  • Tuktuvut Host
    • The Fyauthr's Banner (6,000 followers)
      • "Blood-sisters of the Jegerdatter" (12)
      • NDF advisers (8)
      • Noyan's Warband (1,556 warriors)
      • Gaup's Warband (1,200 warriors)
    • Seven Brothers Clan (10,630 followers)
      • Hakka's Warband (1,480 warriors)
      • Suren's Warband (1,398 warriors)
    • Fox-Tail Clan (11,789 followers)
      • Uldin's Warband (1,876 warriors)
    • Chap-Mok Clan (9,471 followers)
      • Loren's Warband (1,827 warriors)