Tow Law SÓ

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Tow Law SÓ
State Tow Law Tow Law
Captain Michael Parker
Home stadium Tow Law Indoor Arena

Tow Law SÓ is the ólbescból team which represents the Mercurian state of Tow Law. The team competes in the All-Mercury Ólbescból Championships.


The team was founded in 2013 in order to compete in the All-Mercury Ólbescból Championships. Tow Law were defeated in the final of the inaugural championship by Taylor Ólbescból Clób, before being knocked out in the Elimination Final the following year. Tow Law won their first title in 2015, beating Taylor 22–13 in the final, following up their success with a successful title defence in 2016, where they defeated Mercury SÓ 20–15 in the final.

Chronological competitive participation


Current Squad

Player Age
1 Mercury Cole Waterson 29
2 Mercury Orion Smith 23
3 Mercury Ronald McLaughlin 27
4 Mercury Marc Johnson 18
5 Mercury Peter Wilson 21
6 Mercury Elliot Davies 26
7 Mercury Michael Parker (c) 22




The team has used the following flag during the entirety of its existence:

Tow Law