Tinker Sprocket

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Tinker Sprocket

Full Name: Tinker Sprocket
Alias Sprocket

Tinker Sprocket.jpg

Physical Description

Gender: Male type chassis
Species: Greivar
Race: Human-liaison type
Hair Color and Style: Copper dome
Eye Color: Green optical sensors
Skin Color: Polished copper

Biographical Information

Father: Software from KlaasSoft Corporation
Mother: Hardware from Natopian Navy Department of Advanced Research
Date of Birth: c. 1503-1569
Place of Birth: Coppertone, Natollonia
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Residence(s): Lindstrom, Natopia
Nationality: Natopian
Allegiance(s): Natopia
Occupation: Speaker of the Frenzy

Tinker Sprocket is a Greivar, a race of artificially intelligent beings. He is the first and current Speaker of the Frenzy, in Natopia, having been appointed on 12 Friedeber 1645 by chancellor Benjamin Meir. Prior to his appointment to that position by Chancellor Benjamin Meir, he was the Administrator of the copper mines of Coppertone, in the former Natopian colony of Natollonia. After that colony was lost, he was appointed as operations officer on board the Natopian International Space Station until he was appointed to the newly created position of Speaker of the Frenzy, to serve as an apolitical, neutral clerk and presiding officer to reduce the daily legislative duties of the Chancellor. In 1659, he was ennobled in Shireroth as Viscount Sprocket of Machinaria, admitted to the Landsraad, and subsequently elected its Prætor. On 12 Grunil 1661 he was created Count of Norrström, partly in response to the Shirerithian title, while the Shirerithians equalized his noble status there by creating him Count of Machinaria. In 1672 he was appointed Speaker of the Fury in Drak-Modan.

Physical description

Tinker Sprocket is a unique Greivar, for he was entirely copper, eternally polished. He had a graceful human form, shorter than a man, and squat, to give off a jovial and safe feeling to nearby humans, who helped fashion him in their image to act as liaison. His hands were specially designed for human contact with a low-torque servo for hand shaking to prevent crushing the bones in humans.

Multiple Locations

After being elected as the Praetor of the Landsraad, a duplicate body was built for him and installed in the Landsraad chambers. By secure satellite uplink, Lord Sprocket is able to preside simultaneously in both the Frenzy and the Landsraad.

In the aftermath of the Kalirion Fracture the Shirekeep Guard severed the satellite link and installed a local OS in this unit, allowing it to be coopted into electing Titus Morvayne as a Kaiser. Sprocket's original body in Lindstrom has disavowed the actions of the Rogue Sprocket in Shirekeep, stating that any actions taken by the Rogue Sprocket in Shirekeep are not the actual actions of the legitimate Praetor of the Landsraad.

A second duplicate body has been installed in Drakorda, Drak-Modan, to allow him to preside over the Fury.

Summary of titles and jobs


1645–present: Speaker of the Frenzy [Natopia]
1659–present: Prætor of the Landsraad [Shireroth]
1672–present: Speaker of the Fury [Drak-Modan]


  • 1659: Viscount Sprocket of Machinaria [Shireroth]
  • 1661: Count of Norrström [Natopia], Count of Machinaria [Shireroth].