Timeline of Natopia

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See also History of Natopia.

Timeline of modern historical events in Natopia.

1670 AN

1671 AN


  • 25: Nathan II announces the births of his four children: Nathan-Ludwig, Vadoma, Leonora, and John. They are genetically altered, non-identical clones of their father.

1676 AN


  • 24: A schism threatens to end direct Natopian hegemony over Drak-Modan, a nation often seen as a mere satellite state.


  • 24: Major structural changes to the composition of the Frenzy are proposed that will greatly expand the electorate and encourage democratic participation in the Empire's demesnes.

1678 AN


  • 23: The Colony of Waffel Plains is established.
  • 24: The process of Demesne Consolidation begins, with the intent to reduce the number of demesnes from 17 to six. The former demesne unions now become larger demesnes.


1679 AN


1681 AN


  • 11: The Treaty of Lukanberg is ratified with Senya, transferring the cities of Lukanberg and St. Christopher's from Natopia to Senya.

1682 AN