Timeline of Goëtia

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Timeline of events in Goëtia.

1671 AN

  • The Saints CF is found to be corrupt and expelled from the Community.

1672 AN

  • Goetics in Gathering Place create a new family, the New Guard CF, and it is accepted by the Conference. The aim of the New Guard is to continue to root out the corrupt practices of The Saints CF and their remaining sympathizers.

1673 AN

  • More Taboos are established against old guard Goetics, with the CCF formally granting community members the right to kill on sight any practitioners of the old guard. The Gorillas NF is created by the CCF as a paramilitary/bounty hunter organization to seek out and kill Old Guarders.
  • Kizzy Drakland is found to be heretical and a proponent of the Old Guard and an ally of John Babbit, former leader of The Saints. The Community disavows her as their queen and authorizes the Gorillas NF to assassinate her.

1675 AN


  • 14: Kizzy Drakland is killed by Lukas, member of the Gorillas NF.
  • 20: Lukas is formally given the title International Master Demonist and replaces Kizzy as ceremonial leader of Goetia and the worldwide population of demon worshipers.


1680 AN


  • 12: Andrea Drakland, Kizzy's daughter, releases the much-anticipated New Grimoindr. It expands the pantheon of demons after many of them left Goetia to follow Kizzy to Demonsfall during the Kalirion Fracture. Whereas the first edition of the Grimoindr were exclusive Cedrist demons lured away from Demonsfall to rule over Malarboria, the New Grimoindr includes demons from cultures of new Goetian immigrants.

1682 AN