Tiga railway station

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Tiga railway station
Place Tiga
Region Tiga


Station code TIG
Managed by Ministry of Transport (Senya)
Numbers of platforms 10

Tiga railway station is a railway station serving the city of Tiga in Senya.


The station opened in 2012.


Platforms 1 & 2 serve the Eastern Senya Line, with Platforms 3 & 4 reserved for the Tiga-Svorgas line trains. Platforms 5-10 are reserved for Apollonian Express trains.


There is also a nearby depot.


Preceding station Current Lines Following station
(to Moroni)
Eastern Senya line Magalatska
(to Dyas)
Terminus Tiga-Svorgas line Sanka Ladora
(to Svorgas)
Preceding station Future lines Following station
Shireroth Lukedugrad
(to Kyrovistan Tyrasia)
Apollonian Express Dyas
(to Craitland Cherry Trees or Storej New Pyongyang)