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Thracistan national football team

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Thracistan Thracistan
Logo of the Thracistan national football team
FMF member 2019–
Confederation AEFA
Home stadium Milliy Stadyum
FMF code ROT
First FMF intermicronational
Birgeshir Birgeshir 5–0 Thracistan Thracistan
Biggest win
Jääland Jääland 0–4 Thracistan Thracistan
Biggest defeat
Florian Republic Florian Republic 6–0 Thracistan Thracistan

The Thracistan national football team is the football team which currently represents the Thraci Confederation constituent nation of Thracistan, and previously represented the independent nation of the same name. It is a member of the AEFA.


The team was founded in 2019 after Thracistan's Micrasian claim was successful. Later in the year, Thracistan joined with Antakia to form the Thraci Confederation but retained its separate FMF membership. The team's first competition was the inaugural AEEU Nations Cup early the following year, where they were eliminated by Freeland to place third. In the 2020 Copa Apollonia qualifiers, the team finished third in their six-team group with twenty points, missing-out on a place in the finals on goal difference. The team later played in the 2020 Noka Cup, where they finished bottom of their group after losing all three matches.

Chronological competitive participation


The team's squad in August 2019

No. Pos. Player Age Club
1 1GK Berkay Şanlı 30
2 3DF Hasan Gini 27
3 3DF Hakan Roket 23
4 5MF Alper Kaya 23
5 3DF Berkut Vadan 31
6 3DF Hamza Yaçın 26
7 5MF Alpay Yıldırım 25
8 5MF Hasan Kondar 27
9 7FW Buğra Şimşek 21
10 5MF Tırak Emrenin 22
11 7FW Can Emrenin 18
12 1GK Abdullah Çiçek 22
13 3DF Miraç Fırtına 24
14 7FW Abdullah Tekin 25
15 5MF Enis Çilek 26
16 5MF Hristo Sedivlov 18





Thracistan has used the following flags during its FMF affiliation:

2019 2019–