They Too Acknowledged Our Lord the Radiant Sun FC

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A special team created by order of the Khan of Raspur as a punishment for those impious souls who presumed to play the game of association football abroad without due consideration of their obligations to their sacred Euran fatherland and who were thus rightfully punished by the destruction of North Antarctica and the clubs for whom they played.

Notable team members

  • Manager
  • Midfielders
    • Mahfuz Abdul-Ghafar (29)
    • Sulei Meqba (27)
    • Jair Ali (26)
  • Strikers
    • Rodriguinho (29)
    • Ali Chaaban (26)

All other places on the team are, for the present moment, filled by nameless kuls taken from the slave pens of the city who have been promised their freedom on the occasion that the team attains the trophy of the Euran League - Raspur Division.