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The Parap National Journal

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The Parap National Journal
Motto Giving You The Wechu
Formation 1663 AN
Editor-in-Chief Ignacio Robledo de las Nieves

The Parap National Journal (PNJ) is an Alduro-Wechua business-focused international daily newspaper based in the city of Parap. The Parap National Journal is published six days a week by the Larousse Publishing Corporation. The newspaper is published in the broadsheet format and online. The Parap National Journal has been printed continuously since its inception in 1663 AN, after the landmark press liberalization reforms as part of the new constitutional settlement post-Wechua Spring. The newspaper was stated by Frances Dumariel, Edward Vredevelt, and Ignacio Robledo de las Nieves.

The Parap National Journal is one of the largest newspapers in Alduria-Wechua by circulation, with a circulation of about 3.89 million copies as of 1686 AN. The PNJ publishes a luxury news and lifestyle magazine called Hello!, which was originally launched as a quarterly but expanded to 12 issues in 1685 AN. An online version has been accessible only to subscribers since the inception of the newspaper. News articles on national emergencies, education, weather, politics, and elections are provided for free. The editorial pages of PNJ are typically conservative economically and pro-Federalist.


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