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The Hornets' Nest

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JB Muttonchop Arena
"The Hornets' Nest"
The Hornets' Nest.jpg
Location Cherry Trees, Craitland
Opened 2008
Surface Grass
Capacity 15,000
CT Hornets
Craitland national rugby league team
Craitland national rugby union team

The JB Muttonchop Arena, most frequently called The Hornets' Nest, is a rugby stadium in the Craitish capital city of Cherry Trees. The stadium is home to rugby league team CT Hornets and is the primary stadium used by the Craitish national side for home internationals. It also gets used as the national rugby union team's home.

The stadium's official name is in honour of a Riponian rugby player thought to be the first person to introduce the sport to Craitland.