The Fury

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The Fury
Motto Stability, Prosperity, Progress
Formation 1.I.1702
Type Unicameral ducal legislature
Location Drakorda, Duchy of Modan
Membership Representatives
Speaker Tinker Sprocket

The Fury is the unicameral legislature of the Duchy of Modan. Reestablished by a new constitution following its liquidation by the State Committee to Review Ongoing Threats and Urgent Matters, the Fury has been consistently controlled through the 00s by the Modanese Inclusive Liberation Front.


The Fury is composed of 400 representatives elected from districts of equal population. The Fury selects a Steering Committee, which often, but not necessarily, also serves as the leadership for the ducal government.

A Speaker of the Fury is appointed by the Steering Committee to serve as the Fury's presiding officer. Tinker Sprocket was approved by unanimous vote to return as Speaker of the Fury, following his resignation in protest in 1691 AN.

Current Composition

Fury of 1702 AN
Party Initials Party Leader(s) Ideology Colour Seats
MILF Modanese Inclusive Liberation Front Sophus Cordelier Anti-Supremacy Draconianism, Big Tent, Social Progressivism, Pro-Shirerithian Integration Magenta
269 / 400
DPP Draconic People's Party Draconian Supremacist, Anti-Shirerithian Integration Purple
81 / 400
BBP Benacian Bagelcratican Party Social Progressivism, pro-Natopian, Free Trade, Anti-Draconian Supremacy Green
19 / 400
MPU Modani People's Union Nationalism & Humanism, Conservatism, Populist, Pro-Raspur Pact, Pro-Benacian Union Red
13 / 400
ATM Agrarians & Tradespeople for Modan Social Conservatism, Draconian Pride, Rural Concerns Yellow
9 / 400
SP Solidarity Party Centrism Blue
5 / 400
BfB Benacia for Benacians Boghos Aygul Reactionary, Anti-Raspur Pact, Anti-Natopian, Anti-Shirerithian, High Tariffs, Isolationism Maroon
4 / 400

Despite overwhelming approval, MILF chose to form a national coalition, seeking representation in the Fury's Steering Committee from each party that had qualified for seats therein. All agreed except for the Draconic People's Party, a hastily-created political party that reflected the interests of hardliners from the previous regime.

By 1704 AN, the national coalition had begun showing signs of fracturing, including a major fracture within MILF itself, on the question of integration of Shimmerspring, Thanatos, and So-Sara into the Duchy of Modan, as well as the overall direction for Modan following the first two years of reconstruction under the watchful eye of the Golden Mango Throne. The minor members of the national coalition exploited the factionalism within MILF for their own benefit, hoping to see a return of good fortune in the 1708 Fury Elections after MILF fell apart.

History of the Fury

Drak-Modani Fury

During the period of Draconian Supremacy, the Fury was composed of 400 representatives, with four token representatives elected from the Straight Protection Zones. It selected two co-chancellors to serve as the country's head of government and as the Fury's presiding officer, though this role was often delegated to a Speaker of the Fury.

Tinker Sprocket was Speaker of the Fury from 1672 until 23.VI.1691, when he resigned in protest against the legislative and parliamentarian abuses he felt that the Committee for United Modani Solidarity was perpetrating against himself and The Fury. On 24.VI.1691 Lia Gelashvili, a Committee loyalist and regional director, was appointed as the Speaker of the Fury.

During the 1699 Drak-Modani attempted coup d'état, a large portion of the Fury's membership was killed and their bodies hurriedly disposed of, once it became clear that they would not support the coup. The revelation of their fate helped galvanize opposition to the coup regime, leading to a series of bloody engagements in the streets of Drakorda.

The final Fury under Draconian Supremacy was governed by a coalition of the Solidarity Party and the Modani People's Union, called Committee for United Modani Solidarity.