The Fury

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The Fury

Seats in the Fury
Motto Stability, Prosperity, Progress
Formation 23 Friedeber 1671
Type Unicameral national legislature
Location Drakorda, Drak-Modan
Membership Representatives
Co-Chancellors Kamil Gavrilov & Davit Teimuraz

The Fury is the unicameral legislature of Drak-Modan. It is the voice of the people of Drak-Modan. Control of the chamber is often contested between nativist groups, pro-Benacian groups, and pro-Natopian groups. After 1691, the Fury has been controlled by a supermajority coalition of the Solidarity Party (center) and the Modani People's Union (right-wing) known as the Committee for United Modani Solidarity.


The Frenzy is composed of 400 representatives elected from districts of equal population. There are four token representatives elected from the Straight Protection Zones. The Fury selects two Co-Chancellors of Drak-Modan by passing a resolution by a simple majority. The Co-Chancellors are the presiding officers of the legislature and also sets internal and domestic policy as Drak-Modan's heads of government.

A Speaker of the Fury is often appointed by the Co-Chancellors and the Speaker handles almost all of the Co-Chancellors' parliamentary and legislative responsibilities. Tinker Sprocket was Speaker of the Fury from 1672 until 23.VI.1691, when he resigned in protest against the legislative and parliamentarian abuses he felt that the Committee for United Modani Solidarity was perpetrating against himself and The Fury. On 24.VI.1691 Lia Gelashvili, a Committee loyalist and regional director, was appointed as the Speaker of the Fury.

The Fury of 1691

With the two largest parties controlling a supermajority of The Fury, it was easy to elect themselves Co-Chancellors of Drak-Modan, amend the constitution and alter laws to promote Draconian supremacy, and usher in an era of Draconian supremacy and Drak-Modani exceptionalism. Before the elections were conducted, largely due to fear of either party gaining a simply majority, the Solidarity Party and the Modani People's Union agreed to appear on the ballots together as a single coalition, the Committee for United Modani Solidarity.

Party Initials Party Leader(s) Ideology Colour Seats
CUMS Committee for United Modani Solidarity Kamil Gavrilov & Davit Teimuraz Populism, pragmatic centrism, pro-Raspur, Natopian-tolerant, Nativism, Draconian supremacy couched in Human supremacy, anti-immigration, Drak-Modani solidarity Purple
289 / 400
BBP Benacian Bagelcratican Party Arslan Djangirov Progressive, Pro-Raspur, pro-Natopian, Waffel-Paine sympathizers, pro-immigration, free trade, anti-Draconian supremacy Green
75 / 400
BfB Benacia for Benacians Boghos Aygul Reactionary, anti-Raspur, anti-Natopian, racist nativists, tariff system, isolationism, Draconian-neutral Maroon
32 / 400
SA Straight Alliance Lusineh Nazaretian Anti-Draconian, Straight visibility, Heterosexual rights, token representatives elected from the four Straight Protection Zones Pink
4 / 400


Laws passed by the Fury are categorized as Core Acts or Regular acts. Core acts describe the government while regular acts establish rules.