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The Federal Gazette

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The Federal Gazette of Alduria-Wechua is the official journal of record for the government of Alduria-Wechua, established by the Proclamation of Punta Santiago. Other government gazettes and records exist for regional, city, and other local governments, but the Federal Gazette is the most important among such official journals. Laws passed by the government, along with other regulations and rules generally come into force after publication in the Federal Gazette. The Office of National Records, an independent agency under the Council of State, is in charge of publishing.

It first published on 1685 AN, delivering throughout the country printed and electronic copies of the Proclamation of Punta Santiago, along with various speeches and pamphlets praising, promoting, and educating people on the Federation. The Federal Gazette carries only notices of national interest.



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The executive branch holds the following statutory instruments:

Date Department Number Subject Summary
1.XV.1685 AN Order-in-Council 001
  • Proclamation of Accession
  • Royal Household
  • Assent to the Proclamation of Punta Santiago
The Council of State, key representatives and officials of the legislatures of both Alduria and the Wechua Nation, and other political leaders bear witness and assent to the Accession of King Manco Capac I to the throne of the new Federation. The Royal Household is established. The King proclaims his loyalty and duty to "protect the ideals and spirit of the Proclamation of Punta Santiago for as long as I live."
1.XV.1685 AN Order-in-Council 004
  • Assertion of Right
  • Liberalization of Resource Sectors
  • Federal Sovereign Wealth Fund
All Natural Resources become the exclusive property of the people of the Federation, to be administered by the government. Private companies may explore and extract resources, but only after securing proper permitting and the timely payment of royalties to federal and regional governments. State oil companies and joint private-public ventures will remain, profits due to the government from these ventures shall be placed in a state-owned investment fund called the Federal Sovereign Wealth Fund (FSWF). The FSFW shall invest in portfolios of real estate and fixed-income investments, with companies being excluded by the fund on ethical grounds.
5.XV.1685 AN Decree 005
  • House of Inti-Carrillo
  • Alduro-Wechua Monarchy
The House of Inti-Carrillo is founded and organized; provisions for Succession established. Prince Titu to Crown Prince, Prince of Rimarima. Princess Nayaraq to Princess Royal, Duchess of Bassumorto. Prince Tupac to Count of Arequipa. Royal Household founded and organized. National Royal Charities founded, annual grant established towards advancing social justice through charity from the King.
5.XV.1685 AN Decree and Letters Patent 006 Foundation Honors First class of Alduro-Wechua nobility established, drawn from Aldurians and Wechua.
6.XV.1685 AN Decree and Letters Patent 007 Foundation Honors Establishment of the Order of the Golden Sun.
6.XV.1685 AN Decree and Letters Patent 008 Foundation Honors Establishment of the Order of the Realm.
6.XV.1685 AN Decree and Letters Patent 009 Foundation Honors Establishment of the Order of the Manco Cápac.
7.XV.1685 AN Decree and Letters Patent 010 Foundation Honors Orders and decorations of the Alduro-Wechua Federation, first-class of Alduro-Wechua knighthoods.
1.III.1689 AN Letters Patent 028 Special Honor S. S. Bucolos to Count of Narbonne.
13.VII.1689 AN Letters Patent 048 Special Honor Rawa Vilca to Count of Choquequirao.
14.VII.1689 AN Order-in-Council 049 Full Mobilization of the Armed Forces, Call to Reserves Orders full mobilization of the Alduro-Wechua armed forces, call up the reserves. Military to administer, supplement, and assist the settlement and expansion of North Lyrica and South Lyrica, in coordination with representatives of the respective regional governments. Provides for the organization of civilian administration in newly settled territories.
14.VII.1689 AN Order-in-Council 050 Lyrican Reconstruction and Settlement Funding Orders the release of funds sequestered in the budget of the country for territorial expansions, previously approved by the Federal Constituent Assembly. Directs funding towards the rapid development of transport and communications infrastructure. Creates the Lyrican Settlement and Construction Administration.


The legislative branch legislates as follows:

Date Legislation Type Subject Summary
12.XIV.1685 AN Resolution Rules of Order Rules of Order of the Federal Constituent Assembly.


The Supreme Court of the Federation's opinions are published in two stages. First, a slip opinion is made immediately available on the Court's web site and through other outlets. Second, the opinions, lists of the court's orders, and other important judicial notices are then published in the next print edition of the Federal Gazette.