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Thalassa is the planet sixth closest to the star Atos, and the second - and largest - of the system’s four gas giants.

Orbital characteristics
Mass (Kg) 8.90E+26
Radius (Km) 87,770
Solar Day (h) 7.83
Orbital Period (days) 2,541
Semi-Major Axis (Km) 5.01E+08
Periapsis (AU) 3.27
Apoapsis (AU) 3.5
Albedo 0
Surface Temperature (K) 110
Surface Gravity (m/s^2) 7.71
Axial Tile (degrees) 37.6
Inclination (degrees) .38
Orbital Speed (Km/s) 15
Satellites Styx

North Polar Regions

Equatorial Regions

Southern Polar Regions