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Territories of Sanama

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In addition to the nine provinces, Sanama also has four territories which are ultimately controlled by the federal government. Both Highpass and the Federal Captial Territory have legislative bodies, but all laws and executive decisions can be vetoed by the Federal Assembly. Western Shimmerspring has no local assembly due to civil unrest. The Sanaman Antarctic Territory also has no assembly since the territory has no permanent population. Only about three percent of the Sanaman population live in a territory, even though they make up 50 percent of the total area.

Name Population (1680) Area (km2) Capital
FCT Federal Capital Territory 289,153 533 Sanama City
Highpass Highpass 1,635,506 619,523 Rhodondra
SAT Sanaman Antarctic Territory No permanent population 56,308
Western Shimmerspring 822,156 A 312,736 Mortis Mercatoria