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[[File:{{{1}}} flag.png|border|23px|{{{1}}}|link=]] [[{{{1}}}]]


{{Team flag|nation name|team details|flag variant|optional parameters}}
nation name
The first parameter is mandatory and identifies the name of the nation. Only nations which have held FMS membership are included for flag image generation using this template. The nation's common name in English must be used. Names usually spelled with diacritics and special characters will work using Anglicised versions (i.e. æ > ae).
team details
This parameter is optional, and covers sports team information. It is case-sensitive, so ensure the correct capitalisation is used, such as football or Micras Games. You may also use this parameter for entering Microvision, which will direct to the nation's summary article for their Microvision Song Contest participation, or as a way to display just the nation's flag by using flag. Leave this parameter blank if you don't need it, but don't forget its pipe character if another parameter comes after it.
flag variant
This parameter is again optional, and covers older versions of the nation's flag, based on its file name format. The most common name formatting for such files is the old, old 2, etc addition.
additional parameters
These are a number of different parameters which will change how the template displays, and are all optional. Parameters which will override all other optional parameters are notext=yes which will display the flag image by itself, and nolink=yes which will display the nation name in normal text. Entering MGyear= followed by the year in which a Micras Games took place will link to the nation's participation article for that specific games as long as Micras Games is entered in the second parameter. Lastly, name= will override the name of the nation in the displayed text with a link to the article name entered, while alt= will display an alternative name but continue to link to the article determined by the other parameters.


Wikicode Results Notes
{{team flag|Florian Republic}} Florian Republic Florian Republic
{{team flag|Florian Republic||old}} Florian Republic Florian Republic Uses the previous version of the nation's flag
{{team flag|Florian Republic|rugby league}} Florian Republic Florian Republic Links to the national rugby league team
{{team flag|Florian Republic|rugby league|old}} Florian Republic Florian Republic
{{team flag|Florian Republic|Micras Games}} Florian Republic Florian Republic Links to overall Micras Games summary page
{{team flag|Florian Republic|Micras Games|MGyear=2018}} Florian Republic Florian Republic Links to year-specific Micras Games summary
{{team flag|Florian Republic|flag}} Florian Republic Displays the flag image alone
{{team flag|Florian Republic|notext=yes}} Florian Republic
{{team flag|Florian Republic|nolink=yes}} Florian Republic Florian Republic Displays nation name in plain text
{{team flag|Florian Republic|name=Stewart Florian}}
Florian Republic Stewart Florian Links to specified article
{{team flag|Florian Republic||old|name=RB Dragonmoor}}
Florian Republic RB Dragonmoor
{{team flag|Florian Republic|alt=Floria}}
Florian Republic Floria Displays an alternative name whilst linking to the nation's article
{{team flag|Florian Republic||old|alt=Floria}}
Florian Republic Floria
{{team flag|Cherry Trees|ólbescból|prov=y}} Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Links to the provincial ólbescból team
{{team flag|Mercury|link=Visa requirements in Mercury}} Mercury Mercury Links to a different article to the named nation

Related template

  • Template:Team flag-rt is used in the same way, but displays the flag image to the right of the text. For use in tables and infoboxes, where required.