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The flag of the Republic of Alduria.

The Republic of Alduria is an interactive geofiction project based on the world of Micras. Interactive geofiction, often called "micronationalism", is a kind of internet-based game in which the different creators let their creations (in this case, their nations) interact with each other. This often means that different fictional countries on the same planet engage in diplomatic relations, trade, warfare, and so forth. As one of many nations on Micras, Alduria has elements of role-playing, wargaming, and model government.

Alduria is a constitutional republic on the continent of Eura. Its characteristics are inspired by many Earth-based cultures such as France, Spain, and a mix of Middle Eastern cultures. While Alduria draws heavily from these real-life examples, it also includes the development of authentic Aldurian customs, peculiarities, and traditions. Alduria was founded in March of 2019.

Focused on developing its cultural and national identity, Aldurians have determined to structure and govern the community they form as a Republic-in-miniature, with a system of government that is semi-presidential like that of modern-day France. It has a unicameral Parliament, a popularly elected President, a Prime Minister, along with a wide variety of other interesting political and cultural outlets which give form and atmosphere to the Alduria we know and love.