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Tellian Serie A
Relegation To
Tellian Serie B
Number of Teams
Level on Pyramid
Top Tier
WMFA Qualification
WMFA Champions' League
Domestic Cups
Coppa di Tellia
Ashkenatza Cup
Current Champions
FC Fiorecittà (6th title)

The Tellian Serie A (Tellian/Gaian: Serie A di Tellia), officially known as Telcom Serie A di Tellia, is the top-tier football league in Ashkenatza, organised by the FGGC. Traditionally starting in January, the season finishes in May, with most games being played on the weekends, in particular on Saturdays. Historically a league exclusively for teams from the former Tellian nation, the league opened its doors to two teams from Ashkenatza in 2012 despite having top tier status by the FGGC and not the Ashkenatzi FA. Due to its affiliation with the FGGC, the league is still considered as Tellian and not Ashkenatza.


The Tellian Serie A was founded in early January 2006 as the Gaian Serie A as the top-tier league for Gaia and the FGGC. Originally there was 6 founding members, of which 2 have never been relegated in the history of the Serie A (FC Fiorecittà and Vecchiacittà Calcio). This started an initial league of 6 teams, with a feeder side, Tellian Serie B with 6 additional teams, both officiated by the FGGC. Each team plays 10 games each per season, starting initially from March (although this has been now changed to add breaks in between matches) and ending in June (this has now been put forward to May). At the end of each season, 2 teams are relegated to Serie B, with the top two teams being promoted to the Serie A. In 2008, when Gaia deteriorated and eventually became a dead nation, the FGGC switched its allegiance to its adoptive successor state, Tellia, continuing on from the Gaian system.

This system was changed in 2010 ahead of the 2011 season, where only 1 team would be relegated and promoted to and from the Serie A in anticipation of a possible expansion in 2012. From 2012, the league will expand to eight teams and will restore its previous 2 team promotion/relegation system, with an introduction of two Ashkenatzi based teams with a view of the league becoming the top tier for both respective Football Associations and the entire of Ashkenatza.


Year Winners Runners-up Third Place
2006 FC Bayern Klemmen FC Fiorecittà AC Fiorecittà
2007 Romero Sport Vecchiacittà Calcio AC Fiorecittà
2008 FC Fiorecittà Romero Sport Vecchiacittà Calcio
2009 FC Fiorecittà FC Bayern Klemmen Romero Sport
2010 Vecchiacittà Calcio FC Fiorecittà FC Bayern Klemmen
2011 FC Fiorecittà Vecchiacittà Calcio Romero Sport
2012 FC Fiorecittà Vecchiacittà Calcio Romero Sport
2013 Vecchiacittà Calcio FC Fiorecittà Romero Sport
2014 Vecchiacittà Calcio FC Fiorecittà Romero Sport
2015 Les Verts Gaianiano Vecchiacittà Calcio AS Rex Leonia
2016 FC Fiorecittà Romero Sport Les Verts Gaianiano
2017 Romero Sport Les Verts Gaianiano FC Fiorecittà
2018 FC Fiorecittà Romero Sport Vecchiacittà Calcio


Current teams

Former Serie A Teams

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