Tellia national rugby union team

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Tellia Tellia
Association TRU
Head Coach Calanico Boschetti
Captain Pietro Canasta
First international
Tellia Tellia 49–10 Ocia Ocia

The Tellia national rugby union team is the representative side of Tellia in rugby union. Tellia is a member of the MRU.


The team was created in 2008 as a member of the MRF and competed in the Rugby World Cup of the same year winning 49-10 against Ocia. The competition,however,was eventually suspended.

Ten years later,Tellia competed in the Rugby Union tournament at the 2018 Micras Games, defeating Jingdao and Hoenn but losing to New Calbion.

Current squad (XV)

  • Loosehead Prop: Andrea Ghini
  • Hooker: Daniele Castroni
  • Tighthead Prop: Pietro Canasta
  • Lock: Marco Francescato
  • Lock: Mohammed El Abd
  • Blindside-Flanker: Sergio Legendre
  • N.8: Santiago Rosenfeld
  • Openside-Flanker: Mauro De Marco
  • Scrum-Half: Roberto Marconi
  • Fly-Half: Alessandro Persico
  • Inside-Centre: Giannis Nikolidis
  • Outside-Centre: Gonzalo Dominguez
  • Right-Wing: Vincenzo Giovane
  • Left-Wing: Andy Richardson
  • Fullback: Gianluca Di Piemonte


Tellia has used the following flag during the entirety of its existence:

2008–13 2013–