Television in Senya

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There are several TV enterprises in Senya.

Channel List

All TV service is provided free of charge by the Senyan government. All TV channels must pay a fee to the government to broadcast live on air.

Channels are given 100-299 for entertainment and general, 300-349 for movies, 350-399 for music channels, 400-499 for sports channels, 500-599 for news channels, 600-699 for documentary channels, 700-799 for foreign language channels, 800-899 for specialist channels and 900-999 for other channels.

Number Channel name Genre Language Owner
101 Senya TV 1 General English Senya TV
102 Senya TV 2 General English Senya TV
103 Sanya TV 1 General Senyan Senya TV
104 Sanya TV 2 General Senyan Senya TV
105 Fifth Channel General English Fifth TV
106 EntraTV General Senyan EntraTV
113 Laughter TV Entertainment English Laughter Entertainment
114 Haha Telë Entertainment Senyan Laughter Entertainment
300 Senya TV Movies Movies English Senya TV
301 Boxseat 1 Movies English Fifth TV
302 Boxseat 2 Movies English Fifth TV
303 Boxseat 3 Movies English Fifth TV
304 Boxseat 4 Movies English Fifth TV
305 ComicFilm Movies English Laughter Entertainment
306 KomikMövë Movies Senyan Laughter Entertainment
307 Mövë 1 Movies Senyan MövëTV
308 Mövë 2 Movies Senyan MövëTV
309 Mövë 3 Movies Senyan MövëTV
310 Mövë 4 Movies Senyan MövëTV