Taulaga le Lusa N.V.

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Taulaga le Lusa N.V.
Port lucerne logo.png
Other name(s)
Port Lucerne FC
Westport Road (6,000)
Lega ona FLV

Taulaga le Lusa Nato Vaetalo (Port Lusa FC) is a Lusana football club based in the city of Lusa.


The team was founded in 2012, after the island of Lucerne was settled by Mercurian traders. They failed to qualify for the 2012-13 AEFA Champions' League after losing on penalties to Charon Sharks FC, having drawn 3–3 on aggregate. Port Lucerne FC then competed in the 2013 MeFA Minor Cup, where they were eliminated in the First Round before their participation in the 2013–14 Lucian AEFA Champions' League qualification tournament. The team finished third in this competition, meaning they entered the 2013–14 AEFA Cup Qualifying Round, where they were eliminated after losing 23–1 on aggregate to International SC of Gerenia.