Tas Neemia

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Tas Neemia
Status: Flaventian Land
Capital: Tassity
Largest Cities: Lee's Summit, Nitram

Local Leadership Title: Raja/Rani
Local Government: Monarchy
Current leader: Salome

Language: Natspeak, Neemian
Religion: Bovinism

Animal: Turtle
Motto: Sarcasm, Procrastination, Longevity

Tas Neemia, officially the Rājatba of Tas Neemia, is a region of Natopia that is part of the Dynastic Incarnation of the Lands of the Flaventia. The current Rani is Kaiseress Salome. Since the end of the Natopian Dark Age, the rajatba has historically been connected to the Ayreon-Kalirion members of the House of Waffel-Paine, those descended from Nathan Waffel-Paine's husband, Elijah Ayreon.

Tas Neemia is mostly flat grasslands, ideal for cattle ranches. Beef, dairy, and butter, were important resources for early Neemites in the area and no doubt contributed to the rise of Bovinism there.

The Neemite people, in the north, were a mostly nomadic cowherding people. Their ancient beliefs include reincarnation. A quasi-religious figure, The Dhury, is believed to be the same reincarnated soul of Taznim, the Bovic saint who received the 8 Law from the Butter Cow; Chow, the princess who resisted then allied with Nett Opaegh; Sundara, the consort of Emperor Naian; and finally Asara Sisu, the pious Empress-Martyr who fulfilled the reincarnation cycle by giving birth to a male for the first time 13 generations. It is believed that ancient Neemites may perhaps be descended from Karnali travelers, or another asiatic people from Keltia. Tassity, their largest city, grew as the only large port city in the north. Nearby Crystal Island was under Tas Neemia's control for many years, and Tassity became extremely wealthy by exporting Neemian beef and gems from Crystal Island.