Talenore national football team

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Talenore Talenore
Association TaFA
FMF member 2014–
Confederation EMUFA
FMF code TLN
First FMF intermicronational
Talenore Talenore 1–1 Elwynn Elwynn
Biggest win
Talenore Talenore 5–0 Incontinentia Incontinentia
Biggest defeat
Talenore Talenore 0–5 Senya Senya
FMF World Cup
Appearances 3 (First in 2015)
Best result Quarter-finals
EMU Championships
Appearances 2 (First in 2016)
Best result Fourth place

The Talenore national football team is the football team which currently represents the Shirerithian protectorate of Talenore, and previously represented the Iteran autonomous territory, Craitish protectorate and independent nation of the same name. It is a member of the EMUFA, and is run by the TaFA.


The team was founded in mid-2014 after Talenore's Micrasian claim was successful. In the following year's qualifiers, the team performed well and topped a tough five-team group with 15 points to reach the World Cup finals at their first attempt. Talenore's fortunes continued into the World Cup, as the team topped their difficult group on goal difference unbeaten with eight points to advance directly to the quarter-finals, where they were beaten 2–1 by Gerenia.

During the 2016 EMU Championships qualification rounds, Talenore was annexed by Craitland and maintained its separate FMF membership. In the qualifiers themselves, Talenore won their four-team group unbeaten with 14 points to qualify for EMU 2016. In the finals, the team advanced from their group with six points, but lost their semi-final 2–0 to Passas and third-place play-off 3–2 to Mercury to place fourth.

In early 2017, during the progress of that year's World Cup qualifiers, Talenore regained independence before becoming a protectorate of Shireroth shortly afterwards. In the qualifiers themselves, the team finished top of their five-team group with 17 points to advance to a second successive World Cup finals. However, the team finished bottom of their World Cup group after losing all four of their matches.

Talenore once again became independent during the qualifying rounds for EMU 2018 before being annexed by Iteru soon afterwards. In the qualifiers, the team topped their five-team group with 16 points to qualify for the finals. At EMU 2018, the team could only finish bottom of their four-team group with just a sole point to their name. Later in the year, Talenore was once again annexed by Shireroth.

In the 2019 World Cup qualifiers, the team finished second in their closely-fought six-team group with 13 points, ahead of both Nova English Korea and New Sussex by virtue of their shared head-to-head records. They advanced to the interconfederational play-off against Merenolitovina, whom they beat 3–1 on aggregate to qualify for a third finals. In the finals, the team advanced from yet another close group, placing third with four points ahead of Hoenn on goal difference before beating Passas 2–1 to reach the quarter-finals, where they narrowly lost to Mercury.

Chronological competitive participation



Current squad

No. Pos. Player Age Caps Goals Club
1 1GK Taki Tolâso 27 Mercury Bohemian Rhapsodies
2 3DF Jakop Hamar 23 Talenore Traktor Talenore FC
3 3DF Shânu Mallawi 32 Craitland Zekäbelóman Kahthajtensen FC
4 3DF Petro Gjanocca 30 Tellia Les Verts Gaianiano
5 3DF Yaghoub Farrokhzad 25 Talenore Blue Valley FC
6 5MF Joonas Qerunor 30 Talenore Auraa FC
7 5MF Michele Fambucci 19 Talenore Blue Valley FC
8 5MF Vernon Cristaldo 27 Florian Republic Dragonmoor FC
9 5MF Tanilo Wilamu 24 Talenore Shujima Talnûr'i KP
10 5MF Peder Xvarts 24 Talenore Auraa FC
11 7FW Kali Kalani 26 Craitland Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC
12 1GK Rostam Arminzadeh 32 Talenore Blue Valley FC
13 3DF Eskandar Hosseini 27 Talenore Blue Valley FC
14 7FW Chris Siasi 28 Talenore Blue Valley FC
15 3DF Miqael Kilkaadexar 24 Talenore Auraa FC
16 3DF Alireza Rahimi 28 Talenore Esteghlal Talenore FC
17 5MF Mati Shula 28 Talenore Shujima Talnûr'i KP
18 3DF George Cooper 25 Talenore Esteghlal Talenore FC
19 5MF Turan Aqabani 20 Talenore Lokomotiv Marwarad Shahr
20 5MF Avraham Vintarglimion 33 Craitland Hänävissen-ó-Cräiteland FC
21 5MF Mahmud Abax 32 Craitland Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC
22 7FW Hossein Haddad 29 Talenore Esteghlal Talenore FC
23 1GK George Koka 23 Talenore Shujima Talnûr'i KP




Talenore has used the following flags during its FMF affiliation:

2014–16 2016–