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Autonomous Territory of Taeland
Official language English, Taelandisc, Hammish
Capital Ersoy
Largest cities Ersoy
Website www.freewebs.com/taeland-gov
Forum http://forum.hamland.co.cc
Number of citizens 2
Number of active citizens 1
Date founded September 28th 2006
Government Autonomous Territory associated to Hamland
Current leader King Lewis
Currency Hammish Obol
National animal Hedgehog
National fruit/food Orange
National drink Milk
Map versions ???
Imbox notice.png This article refers to a micronation which is defunct and no longer exists. You can help make the article reflect that or ask on the talk page for further information.:

Taeland was a part of the Region of the Isles member nation of the Commonwealth of Hamland which was founded, as a communist state, by President Cullen as a rival nation on the 8th of September 2006, but gave power to Hamland in early 2007.


Taeland was originally a communist state, founded by President Cullen. Under his control there was a period of strong rivalry with Hamland. At Taeland was a dictatorship while Hamland was a Constitutional Monarchy.

After a number of years the government was overthrown and power was ceded to Hamland's Monarchy. This threw the country into a civil war between the Taeland Communist Party and the Hammish and Tonarian governments. The war was eventually won by Hqmland and then a rebuilding process took place where Taeland gradually got more power over itself.

Taeland became a member of the United Commonwealth. This meant that it was open to immigration and rebuilding with economic aid. The nation has gradually rebuilt itself as a democracy, but there are still several Communist groups operating in the Nation and there is also some unrest. With the United Commonwealth colapse, Taeland become an Autonomous Territory associated to Hamland.


When the country was an autonomous region it was ruled from the Taelandic Tower in Ersoy. The main authority was the Governor-General of Taeland, who was appointed by the National Government.

The nation is now ruled from Ersoy by the Lord of the Isles and the legislature of the House of the Sealords as part of the Region of the Isles.

Racist and Communist Unrest

After the Taleand civil war there was a rise in the number of attacks against Hammish and other ethnic groups. There have been several campaigns to try and stop the racism.

A group called the Red Hand is trying to overthrow the Government and restore the communist dictatorship as well, this group has been the source of several attacks on civic buildings.

Places of Interest

Peace Square - Former "Cullen Square". This is the center of Ersoy and was renamed after the war. Che Palace - Named after the Communist dictator, Che Palace, the small house was where the man was born. Burial Fields - Near Tkir, this is where the dead from the civil war are buried.