Supreme Arbiter

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The Supreme Arbiter serves to oversee the Council of Courts on behalf of the Crown of Passio-Corum.

List of Supreme Arbiters

Picture Name Title Period Notes
Kinglucieniv.jpg King Lucien IV Crown of Passio-Corum 753 - 799 WG

As King of Passio-Corum, Lucien IV also served as Supreme Arbiter of the nation's first Council of Courts.

Eniogus.jpg Enio Gus Supreme Arbiter 799 WG - 853 WG

As Supreme Arbiter of the Council of Courts under the authority of Queen Evahn I, Enio Gus played an important role in stabilizing the nation during a prolonged period of religious rebellions .

Matasiva.jpg Mata Siva Supreme Arbiter 853 WG - 905 WG

As Supreme Arbiter, Mata Siva helped to reshape the Pallisican approach to foreign affairs, such that Passio-Corum became more willing to engage with other nations.

Supreme.png Chelkra Teada Supreme Arbiter 905 WG - 36.26 PSSC

As the Supreme Arbiter Councils of Court, Chelkra Teada led the effort to restore order in Passio-Corum following the Miracle of Kan Zen, which brought the nation to the brink of civil conflict. Teada's role as Supreme Arbiter when in 26.26 PSSC, Kan Zen - with the support of the Stripping Path in the Houses of Pallisican Chelkra - assumed the responsibilities of the role for herself.

Kanzenportrait.png Kan Zen Crown of Passio-Corum 36.26 PSSC - Present