Sultans of Sin

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Sultans of Sin
Flag of Sultans of Sin
Founded 1685
Part of II Banner Army (1st Tegong Banner Army)
Manpower Classified

The Sultans of Sin is the name of a covert operation by the Tegong in Jingdao, which presents itself as a successful criminal organisation. With flashy cars and premium alcohol, the appearance of success in the international drug trade is created. The organisation lures criminals into its arms by promising them high rewards for relatively simple tasks such as the transportation of drugs. When possible, the Sultans of Sin seek to lure the entire criminal organisation into the trap, before closing it. To avoid blowing their cover, the Sultans of Sin do not bring their suspects before a court, but try to kill them in a way that makes it look like an accident. For example, they will ask drug mules to carry perforated packages with drugs in their bodies.

The idea of a dangerous criminal organisation on the streets of Jingdao is also used as a powerful argument against privacy, and used as an excuse for raids on the houses of political and religious dissidents.