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High Realm of Stormark
Official language English
Capital Haraldsborg
Largest cities Thorfinnsborg, Haithabu, Köpingsvik, Tara
Website StorWiki
Forum Stormarks Forum
Number of citizens 18
Number of active citizens 14
Date founded August 8, 2002
Government Constitutional monarchy
Current leader High King Harald Thorstein
Currency Króna
National animal Raven, Falcon, Boar, Cat
National fruit/food Apple
National drink Mead
Map versions 6.8.6 - ???

The High Realm of Stormark is a micronation, based on Viking culture and lore.


Stormark was founded as a Dutch speaking nation based on Saxon culture as the Empire of Kruoningha (Keizerrijk Kruoningha), without apparent contact with the only other Dutch speaking micronation known to exist, Flanders. Kruoningha then was a direct democracy with a purely ceremonial monarch. The Kruoninghans quickly decided that they would prefer to experiment with viking culture instead, and changed the name of the country to Viking Empire of Kruoningha (Viking Keizerrijk Kruoningha) on November 15th, 2002. Kruoningha not sounding very Norse, this name was changed to Viking Empire of Stormark on December 4th, 2002 (Viking Keizerrijk Stormark). In July 2003, the country got its first online forum, at the same time abandoning Dutch in favour of English. On June 18th, 2010, the country's name was changed once more to High Realm of Stormark.


Stormark is a constitutional monarchy, led by Harald Thorstein I since 2002. Laws can only be passed after the High King has given his advice and his assent. The High King is also the country's representative abroad, as well as member of the country's government, called the High Council of the Realm. This Council consists furthermore consists of the High Justiciar, appointed by the Althing, which is the country's legislature, and a number of Wardens of Council, appointed by the High Justiciar. Galinn Karisson is the current High Justiciar.

Although only one title of nobility (jarl) exists, the country nevertheless has an extensive system of nobility, whereby the nobility is divided into several house. These can be categorised into the following: the Imperial House of Ettlingar Freyu, the Houses Royal, the Houses Major (with a minimum of seven members) and the Houses Minor (with a minimum of three members).


Stormark is a quasi-federal state, subdivided into jarldoms and dominions. Jarldoms retain the reserve powers, that is, powers not vested by the Country's constitution (or High Law) in the hands of the High Kigh, the High Council of the Realm or the Althing. Dominions are governed according to an instrument of government issued by the High King within the High Council of the Realm. The High King is represented in the jarldoms by a jarl, who is responsible for the day to day management of the jarldom. An exception is the Imperial Jarldom of Gulathing, with is governed by the High King himself.

The current jarldoms are Borgarthing, Freyja's Necklace, Gulathing, the Idunn Isles, Sicilia, Sólareyjar and the Land of Stormark's Rose, as well as the jarlless Viceroyalties of the High Queen Asa Isles, High Queen Hervör Isle, the Mysterious Isles and Vinland, the Duchies of Gascony, Normandie, Port Chloe and Vaan Aujoen and the Jarldoms of Eidsivathing, Frigga Island, Frostathing, Haldarsvik Islands, Hålogathing, Humlebæk Island, Old Gaol Isle and Snæland.


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Quotes about Stormark

  • "It was all fun and games till they brought out the whips, the leather, and the ferrets." - Anonymous