Stephen Lewis

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Stephen Lewis

Full Name: Stephen Alois Lewis
Alias The Conducator

Stephen Lewis.jpg

Physical Description

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Norse
Hair Color and Style: Balding
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Color: White
Other: Has not been seen smiling in the last ten years

Biographical Information

Father: Egbert Lewis
Mother: Nubia Cambor
Date of Birth: 1624 AN
Place of Birth: Fieldburg, Elwynn
Date of Death: N/a
Place of Death: N/a
Residence(s): Eliria, Elwynn
Nationality: Elwynnese
Allegiance(s): Elwynnese Republic
Verionist Union
Occupation: Politician, businessman

Stephen Alois Lewis is an Elwynnese politician and businessman. He serves as the chairman of the Verionist Union, and is the current Conducator of Elwynn's Northern Commonwealth (1675– ), in addition to being the former Lord of Fieldburg. He is also Governor-Regent in the Iron Company. Previously, Conducator of the Elwynnese Republic (Congressional Counties), 1672–1675.

Stephen Lewis is the head of the prominent Elwynnese Lewis family, being a grandson of former Steward Jack Lewis.