Humility Mount

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Humility Mount (known 1623–1651 as Saint Harald's Mount) is a small tidal island in Mount's Bay in the Bailiwick of Dravotih iker, Elwynn. In local common parlance the islet is simply known as "the Mount". It is one of twenty unbridged tidal islands that one can walk to from the Wintergleamish mainland.

On the mountain there is a castle, erected by Harald of Ettlingar Freyu during his ducal reign over Elwynn (1533–1541). The castle was rebrought into the ownership of Harald's family during Noah's rule as king of Elwynn. It acted as a summer palace for the Elwynnese royal family. Noah's daughter, Esther Fatima Gudrid, was born here in 1638. Today, the castle houses a museum and an oceanographic research institute.

The island was renamed Humility Mount in 1651. It has a permanent population of 50 persons, mainly consisting of groundskeepers, museum workers, oceanographers, and their families.