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Established in the early 750s by a band of Passasian kralians who left their traditional homelands in order to escape discrimination and poverty, the city of Southman is a fairly prosperous mining community which is largely isolated from the rest of Passio-Corum. Only one major road leads into the city: the Eastern Highway, which connects Southman to the rail lines of Cannassas. The people here live a very traditional, rugged lifestyle, not unlike their cousins who reside in the Passasian Free Societies. For the most part they trade amongst themselves, or they trade in Cannassas, but rarely if ever do the city’s residents venture to trade in Lucien or Sinclair, unless in the event of extreme circumstances. Most of the city’s residents work in the silver mines to the South of the city, though many still engage in the more traditional practices of spice cultivation and animal husbandry. The people here speak a dialect of Basic Pallisican, which has long gone out of use in most places, even amongst kralians.

Efforts by the government of Southman to have the city recognized as an autonomous region, which have been met with near unanimous support amongst the city’s residents, have thus far gone unrecognized by the nation’s central government. It is widely believed amongst the city’s people that after centuries of oppression at the hands of the Passasian government, Southman should serve as a refuge for kralians who seek to start a life of their own, in their own country.