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Somanes is the traditional religion of the Sanaman people. It has been heavily influenced by Cedrism after hundreds of years of imperial rule.

The supreme gods are Esas, the Sun, and Yoras, the Moon. Esas is the master of light and day, and therefore also of life. Yoras is the mistress of dark and night, and therefore also of death. Their union, not in a Vanic but in a cosmic sense, birthed the universe and all therein. The stars are their sons and daughters. The supreme gods are not concerned with the petty problems of mere mortals, but instead with the balance between them. Their children on the other hand are both good and bad. The Divine intervene on behalf of faithful mortals, while the Demonic thwart their plans and corrupt the mortals. The purpose of human existence is to do good deeds. Good deeds move you closer to the Divine, with the ultimate goal of escaping reincarnation and joining the sons and daughters of the gods. Bad deeds, what some people would call sins (even though the Somanes view on sin is quite different from that in many other religions), move you closer to the eternal void, where you would live in eternity in solitude and silence, removed from the gods and all others.

Many Sani and Ama also worship Xalanu, a fallen star and therefore a child of the supreme gods. The Sani and Ama had been corrupted by greed and "evil deeds", and Xalanu preached a different way. He preached that men and women are equal, that you should respect your fellow man and that good deeds will bring you to the divine. His mistake was that he preached that political leaders had been corrupted, and he was consequently arrested, tried in a sham trial and executed by explosion in true BO0O/\/\ist tradition. His followers therefore worship him with holy detonations.