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View of Slavograd from Ostruka Hill
Nation: Kingdom of Coria flag.png Krasnocoria
Population (January 2018): 761,563
Predominant language: Slavonjan

Slavograd is the largest city and capital of the District of Slavonje in Krasnarus.


The city was built on what was a coastal swamp, but a few settleers started the villages of Slavonskigrad and Novi Vincennes in it's place to prospect for minerals. As the city grew, it was renamed to its Slavograd. Recently, a renowned port has opened up in the city, bringing business, trade, and employment opportunities to the people of the city.


The easiest way of getting into Slavograd is by road and boat. While a tram system is in the works, a large scale bus system is available for any who want a cheap and easy way to navigate around the city.

View of the city's skyline at dusk


  • The Waterfront

The Waterfront is one of the most popular spots in the city. Tours are available every day and night granted that the weather is suitable for boating.

  • Memorial Square

The Memorial is for those who have been killed in action in conflicts such as The War of Lost Brothers.

  • The Old City Wall

Take a trip back to the olden days when a wall was required for protection against raiders and nature! Situated along the inner parts of the city, it is a marvel to see (as long as you don't go to the parts of the wall that have perished).

Safety Tips

  • It is recommended for tourists to not go to far into the northern city due to gangs and high levels of crime.
  • While Slavonjans are known for their pleasantness, it is also best to remember to not insult any Slavonjan of their appearance/religion, unless you want a good spanking.
  • Another great tip is to not try and pet any dogs who are not on leashes, as they could be a fighting dog from the north of the city.
  • If you prefer to keep your money, we would advise you to NOT give any street performers a great sum, since they usually show up in gangs spread around the road. If you do not pay every member, prepare to have a very uncomfortable and dark night.
  • If a shady looking man asks you if you want a cigar, NEVER TAKE IT! It usually will have some kind of narcotic in it that will end you up in the hospital.
  • If you are in a harbour-side bar or restaurant and someone engages you in conversation before beginning to spin a yarn about Shirerithian u-boats operating in coastal waters, make your excuses at the earliest opportunity. Distraction techniques based around implausible rumours are a stock in trade amongst local grifters. Be sure to keep an eye on your drink and your hand on your wallet at all times.