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==Current squad==
==Current squad==
{{age fs start}}
{{age fs start}}
{{age fs player|no=1 |pos=GK|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=}}|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=1 |nation=Sanama |pos=GK|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=2 |pos=DF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=}}|age=22}}
{{age fs player|no=2 |nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=22}}
{{age fs player|no=3 |pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=3 |nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=4 |pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=4 |nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=5 |pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=5 |nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=6 |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=6 |nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=7 |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=7 |nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=8 |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=8 |nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=9 |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=9 |nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=10|pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=10|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=11|pos=FW|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Jean-Pierre Picardie}}|age=19}}
{{age fs player|no=11|nation=Sanama |pos=FW|name=[[Jean-Pierre Picardie]]|age=19}}
{{age fs player|no=12|pos=GK|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=12|nation=Sanama |pos=GK|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=13|pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=13|nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=14|pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=14|nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=15|pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=15|nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=16|pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=16|nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=17|pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=17|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=18|pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=18|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=19|pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=19|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=20|pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=20|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=21|pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=21|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=22|pos=FW|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=22|nation=Sanama |pos=FW|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=23|pos=FW|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=23|nation=Sanama |pos=FW|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=24|pos=FW|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=24|nation=Sanama |pos=FW|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=25|pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=25|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Place]]|age=24}}
{{age fs end}}
{{age fs end}}
[[Category:Football in Sanama]]
[[Category:Football in Sanama]]

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Siccre Calcio
FS Canton Stadium
Sanaman Premier League

Siccre Calcio is a professional football club based in Sanama's largest city Fatehpur Sikri. The name is taken from the Cisamarrese name for the city, Siccre.


Current squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player Age
1 Sanama GK Place 24
2 Sanama DF Place 22
3 Sanama DF Place 24
4 Sanama DF Place 24
5 Sanama DF Place 24
6 Sanama MF Place 24
7 Sanama MF Place 24
8 Sanama MF Place 24
9 Sanama MF Place 24
10 Sanama MF Place 24
11 Sanama FW Jean-Pierre Picardie 19
12 Sanama GK Place 24
13 Sanama DF Place 24
14 Sanama DF Place 24
15 Sanama DF Place 24
16 Sanama DF Place 24
17 Sanama MF Place 24
18 Sanama MF Place 24
19 Sanama MF Place 24
20 Sanama MF Place 24
21 Sanama MF Place 24
22 Sanama FW Place 24
23 Sanama FW Place 24
24 Sanama FW Place 24
25 Sanama MF Place 24