Shirley Stock Fund

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Logo of the Shirley Stock Fund.

The industrial center of the Eastern hemisphere, the Shirley Stock Fund oversees the production and maintenance of a wide range of products, from ships, to aircraft, to guns and tanks.

Recent Production Reports

A Bijeko Class Attack Craft, named for the notable predator which stalks Northern Corum.
A squadron of Alpha Class Proximity Aircraft flies low over a grove of Tiji-Oname
A rural marketplace is defended by Ossyo Class Armored Anti-Aircraft.
A Kesh Class Modern Attack Submarine patrols near the Isle of Voorpost.

893 WG: Prices are Unchanging

893 Employment Report

-Number of People Employed (% of all Employed): 4,407,932 (20.81%)

-Total Paid in Wages (% of all Wages): 111,360 Polis (%)

-Average Wages / Employee: .03 Polis

-Value of Company (% of GDP): 267,609 Polis (20.81%)

Company is Underfunded.



Special Weaponry